5 Recommended Yuri Anime You Have to Watch

yuri anime

Do you like relationship between girls in yuri anime? However, some of us do not like it. Indeed, yuri relationship is not always about something taboo. Usually, a story about yuri will give more point in the relationship they build. It does not same with hentai anime. This following anime will give you short review and you need have to watch on of them!


What if your body is transformed into a beautiful girl only in a night while you are actually a boy? However, this condition is happen to Natsuru who is effeminate as a boy. One day, he is informed that he is a Kämpfer by stuffed tiger. A Kämpfer is a mystical fighter. However, to fight with the enemy, Natsuru then changes his body to be a girl because as a Kämpfer he needs to fight in female form. In this point, his life becomes a real nightmare. As time goes by, Natsuru falls in love with his new female body. Overall, the plot of this anime is not that great but you can see best and loveable cute anime there. It is full with funny and cute girls.

Hello!! KINMOZA (Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic)

It is the second season of Kiniro Mosaic. This second anime actually has more content than the previous one. You will find funny yuri comedy in this anime and special moment about not just a one on one intimate relationship. Actually, this anime completes with all-female led cast of character just similar with the previous season. It tells about a five girls’ daily activity like go to high school, has relationship and misunderstanding as well. The anime will give several backgrounds setting like in the park, a beach, a fast food place, and school of course. This anime is not a very serious anime. You just have to enjoy it. actually, this anime only has 12 episodes which is aired from April 2015 to June 2015.

Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san

This anime is aired from April 2014 until June 2014 and has 12 episodes. The main character in this anime called Suzu Nekoyama who is an apprehensive tsundere type girl and has a firm warmness for dogs. After it, there is a new girl character named Yachiyo Inugami who has strong affection for cats. Though both of them have different affection towards dog and cat, they can realize new feeling like mutual attraction. Not need long time, Yachiyo confess her feeling early on to Suzu, but Suzu just too shy to reciprocate. There is also a character called Aki who always make fun on their situation and you will see best yuri comedy.

With only 12 episodes, this anime brings short but sweet story. If you watch this anime, you will know that to make best anime, you do not need to add too much filler. It is an example of yuri anime that has good central plot. Both Yachiyo and Suzu have different character. Yachiyo is kind of little pervert girl and sometimes goes to crazy to get what she wants. Indeed, suzu is the opposite of her but still she has the same feeling. While Aki plays role as someone to make fun the affection and awkwardness about the two girls.  This anime will give you a lot of fun time in yuri action.

Riddle Story of Devil (Akuma no Riddle)

This yuri anime is different with other similar anime. It is a story about Tokaku Azuma who is a high school student and assassin. She transfers to Myoujou Academy where there are 11 skilled assassins. After it, they are tested to try killing a sweet girl named Haru Inchinose. If they fail, they will be expelled but when they can do it, their greatest desire will be conceded. However, when she meets with Haru, she cannot avoid to be attracted with her. Instead to kill Haru, she wants to protect her from other assassins.

You will not just see how Tokaku starts her relationship with Haru, there is also good action in this anime. This anime makes for a more mature audience because there are some moments show their endearment toward each other in certain scene.

Sakura Trick

Actually, this story is about two longtime best friends named Haruka Takayama and Yuu Sonoda who attend at Misato West High School together. To reduce Haruka’s jealousy over all Yuu’s friend, she decides to do something different and will not do the same thing with other girls. They share a kiss in an empty class room that makes their feeling grow. You can skip it if you do not like it. However, not all the things are going good after an older sister interfere because she does not like the relationship. In this yuri anime, there is only more contact in the relationship, and it is only kissing.